FCC Token Coming to BITPRO

Exciting news for our community! The FCC token, the cornerstone of FreeCity’s economy, will soon be available on BitPro. Stay tuned for more details on this major development!

Tokenomics: The Numbers Behind FreeCity

FCC Token – Powering Governance and Value

Total Supply: 10 billion FCC tokens.

Ensures a wide distribution for decentralized governance.

Release on BitPro: A major milestone, facilitating wider accessibility and trading opportunities.

Governance Influence: Each FCC token represents a vote in key decisions affecting the FreeCity platform.

Rewards Mechanism:

    • Earn FCC through active participation in events and community-driven initiatives.
    • Staking rewards for long-term holders, encouraging a stable economy.

FCR Token – The Currency of Interaction

Initial Supply: 100 million FCR tokens at launch, with a mechanism for incremental increase.

    • Designed to match user growth and platform activity.

Earning Opportunities:

    • Users can earn FCR through various activities, such as participating in voice chats, creating content, or engaging in community events.
    • Daily cap on FCR earning set at 500 FCR per user to maintain economic balance.

Utility and Transactions:

    • FCR used for in-game purchases like NFTs, virtual real estate, and avatar customization.
    • Transaction fee: 1% of the FCR amount per transaction, contributing to the sustainability of the platform.

Token Integration and Sustainability

FCC & FCR Integration:

    • FCC can be converted to FCR and vice versa, with a conversion fee of 0.5% to maintain economic stability.

Deflationary Mechanisms:

    • A portion of FCC used in transactions (2%) is burned, ensuring a gradual reduction in total supply over time.
    • FCR utility in high-value transactions encourages circulation and prevents hoarding.

Incentives and Growth

Incentive Programs:

    • Early adopters and active users are rewarded with bonus FCC tokens, fostering initial growth and community engagement.

Market Dynamics:

      • FCC’s listing on BitPro expected to increase demand and value, benefiting early adopters and investors.
      • FCR’s value tied to in-platform utility and user base growth, making it a dynamic asset within the FreeCity economy.