Overview of FreeCity

Free City is a pioneering metaverse project themed around a virtual city, designed for social interaction. Launching on the Polygon network, it centers around SocialFi and NFTs, offering a Web3-based platform for voice social chat and personalized 3D avatar display. This city of freedom and creativity allows players to express themselves within certain rules. Players use NFT-configured Microphones to join diverse voice rooms in urban buildings, engaging in voice chats to demonstrate social value and earn game currency.

Key Features

Voice Chat Rooms

Players use NFTs in the form of Microphones to enter diverse voice rooms situated in virtual urban buildings. These rooms offer a stage for players to express their social value and engage in meaningful conversations, earning in-game currency in the process.

Multifaceted Room Experiences

Beyond voice chat, the city offers a variety of rooms including game rooms and cinemas, enriching the player’s experience.

Tokenization of Social Influence:

The platform enables players to convert their social interactions and popularity into tangible rewards, emphasizing the value of social engagement in the digital realm.

Community Economics


Free City merges the aspects of a social network with a monetization system, driven by its vast user base and the tangible potential for wealth generation within its community. The blockchain-based economic model is designed to cultivate a sophisticated, player-owned economy, rewarding those who significantly contribute to and enhance their social standing.

Ways to Earn

Resident Common Currency (FCR)

Active social engagement and showcasing of one’s social value lead to earning FCR.

NFT Prop Creation

Users can mint unique props with specific applications, adding value to their in-game experience.

Governance Token (FCC)

Earned through community engagement and peer recognition, reflecting a player’s influence and contribution.

In-Depth Gameplay Mechanics

  • Entry Pass:

Each player is granted access to the city, where they can engage in various activities but need specific assets to fully integrate into the community.


  • Microphone NFTs:

Serving as a key tool for tokenizing social value, these NFTs enable players to monetize their social interactions.


  • Customizable Spaces:

Players select buildings to create personalized rooms, shaping their social circles and interactions.


  • Earning Through Interaction:

Using NFT Microphones, players can engage in voice chats to generate in-game tokens.

Advanced Game Modes

  • Microphone Utilization:

Varied microphone types offer different durations for social interaction, affecting token earnings.


  • User Engagement Metrics:

Earnings are influenced by the number of likes, rewards received, and regular interaction with in-game features like the treasure box.


  • Microphone Attributes:

Key characteristics like battery life, grip strength, luck factor, and sound quality play a crucial role in earning potential.


Microphone System

  • Leveling and Maintenance:

The microphone’s level signifies a player’s social influence, requiring regular maintenance for optimal performance.


  • Customization and Upgrades:

Players can enhance their microphones with unique NFT modifications, adding personal flair and functionality.


Land Dynamics in FreeCity

Tokenized land parcels form the basis of the city’s structure. Landowners have the ability to:

  • Set room rents.
  • Earn commissions from in-room gift exchanges.
  • Collect taxes in the form of FCR.
  • Receive rewards based on traffic and engagement levels on their property.

3D Avatar Customization

Each player is represented by a 3D avatar, which they can customize with various clothing options, ranging from regular attire to exclusive NFT outfits. These outfits not only add visual appeal but also symbolize different social attributes and standings within the community.

    Tourist Integration

    Acknowledging the diversity of its player base, Free City categorizes non-NFT holders as ‘tourists,’ offering them a glimpse into the metaverse lifestyle. These tourists can explore the city, interact with residents, and learn about the nuances of Web3.0 at the FreeCity University. This inclusive approach serves as a bridge for Web2.0 players, facilitating their transition into the more advanced Web3.0 world.