Welcome to FreecitY: The Future of Social-Fi in the Metaverse

by | Dec 5, 2022 | FreeCitizen

Welcome to FreecitY: The Future of Social-Fi in the Metaverse

Introduction: Step into FreecitY, a groundbreaking Web3 metaverse voice chat room project on the Ethereum blockchain. At FreecitY, socializing in the digital realm reaches new heights, blending the charm of the metaverse with the value of social interaction.

Project Overview: FreecitY redefines the concept of online social platforms. Here, each player can:

  • Create and personalize their NFT avatars with an array of costumes.
  • Socialize in various voice rooms, meeting people globally.
  • Earn rewards while chatting and making friends.

Project Advantages:

  1. User-Friendly Experience with Web3 Features:

    • Mobile app development for convenience.
    • Easy login with decentralized wallets and email addresses.
    • Integration of on-chain interactions within the app, displaying encrypted asset balances and NFTs.

  2. Social Value through NFTs:

    • High-quality avatars and diverse NFT costumes.
    • Global appeal with costumes and accessories from various cultures.
    • Community-building with other NFT communities.

  3. Creating a Global, Wholesome Web3 Social Platform:

    • A focus on stability over speculative digital asset fluctuations.
    • Tipping-based economic model benefiting content creators and NFT holders.
    • Inclusive for both traditional Web2 and Web3 users.
    • Multiple language support, expanding globally.


How to Play in FreecitY:

  1. NFT System:

    • Two types of NFTs: Microphone NFT (0.1eth-0.2eth) and Genesis SVIP NFT (2 ETH).
    • Microphone NFTs come in levels: N, R, SR, SSR, and UR, with higher levels obtained through forging.
    • Genesis SVIP NFT offers a 10% commission share from NFT trading.

  2. Earning Tokens:

    • Token earning through owning and using Microphone NFTs.
    • Different levels of Microphone NFTs offer varying token-earning capacities.
    • Income determined by chat time, Microphone NFT level, and interaction frequency.


FreecitY is not just a platform; it’s an immersive experience blending the metaverse, social interaction, and digital asset management. It’s a space where every voice matters, and every interaction holds value.

Dive into the innovative world of FreecitY – chat, socialize, and earn in a dynamic digital universe. Explore the endless possibilities that await in this unique Web3 metaverse.