Celebrating the Phenomenal Success of Violent Squirrel NFTs on Bybit!

by | Sep 11, 2022 | FreeCitizen

Celebrating the Phenomenal Success of Violent Squirrel NFTs on Bybit!

Introduction: Great news, FreeCitizens! We are ecstatic to announce that our exclusive collection of Violent Squirrel NFTs (VS) has achieved a remarkable milestone. The entire collection was sold out in mere seconds after its release on Bybit/Grabpic, marking a significant triumph for the FreeCity Metaverse.

A Triumph in Numbers:

  • Collection Details: The Violent Squirrel collection comprises 5,000 unique NFTs, each with over 100 different traits, and is proudly stored on the Solana blockchain.
  • Blind Box Success: The launch of 1,500 Violent Squirrel NFT Blind Boxes on Bybit_NFT was met with overwhelming demand, selling out instantly.
  • MagicEden.io Listing: The collection was also listed on MagicEden.io, showcasing the ranks and floor prices of the top-performing NFTs.

Celebrating the Community: đź’ź A huge congratulations to everyone who successfully minted a Violent Squirrel NFT! Your enthusiastic participation is what makes these achievements possible.

What’s Next with Your VS NFTs:

  • Explore the Metaverse: Your VS NFT isn’t just a digital asset; it’s your passport to the vibrant FreeCity Metaverse.
  • Interactive Experiences: Get ready to dive into a world where you can interact, chat, and participate in an array of exciting in-game tasks.
  • A Community of Fun: Join other VS NFT holders in experiencing the unique, fun-filled adventures that FreeCity offers.

The success of the Violent Squirrel NFT sale is not just a win for FreeCity; it’s a testament to the strength and enthusiasm of our community. As we continue to grow and explore new possibilities in the Metaverse, we’re thrilled to have you with us on this exciting journey.

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