FreeCity and Uniting to Forge a New Future in Web3, Metaverse, and NFTs

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Partners

FreeCity and Uniting to Forge a New Future in Web3, Metaverse, and NFTs

Introduction: We’re excited to announce a landmark strategic partnership between FreeCity and, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform. This collaboration is set to create a significant impact in the realms of web3.0, the metaverse, and the NFT ecosystem, connecting people and key opinion leaders across the globe.

About stands at the forefront of blockchain and crypto news, dedicated to keeping its audience informed about the latest industry developments. Key aspects of include:

  • A comprehensive news platform focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency updates.
  • A supportive and active guild community, offering assistance and knowledge sharing.
  • Social media channels providing daily, rapid updates on industry happenings.

The Partnership: A Synergistic Collaboration The strategic partnership between FreeCity and aims to leverage each other’s strengths:

  • Enhanced Information Sharing:’s expertise in blockchain and crypto news will keep the FreeCity community informed and updated.
  • Increased Global Engagement: The partnership aims to foster greater interaction and collaboration among global audiences interested in web3.0, the metaverse, and NFTs.
  • Community Growth and Support: Both platforms will benefit from shared knowledge and community support, enhancing user experience and engagement.

What This Means for Our Users:

  • Stay Informed: Users of FreeCity can expect to receive the latest news and insights in the blockchain and crypto world, thanks to’s expertise.
  • Expanded Network: Opportunities to connect with a broader, knowledgeable community in the blockchain and crypto space.
  • Enhanced Experiences: The partnership will enrich the overall user experience in FreeCity, integrating the latest trends and insights from the crypto world.

Looking Ahead: This partnership marks a new chapter for both FreeCity and, bringing together the worlds of digital socialization, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in a unique and exciting way.

The collaboration between FreeCity and is more than just a partnership; it’s a fusion of digital innovation and cutting-edge information. We are setting the stage for a more informed and interconnected community in the rapidly evolving landscape of web3.0, the metaverse, and NFTs.

Join us in this exciting new era of digital exploration and discovery. Stay tuned for the latest developments and be a part of this transformative journey with FreeCity and!