AMA Recap: FreeCity’s Engaging Session with

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Events

AMA Recap: FreeCity’s Engaging Session with

Introduction: On August 23, 2022, FreeCity joined hands with for an enlightening AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session in the official Telegram Community. With over 19,562 participants, the AMA shed light on FreeCity’s metaverse project, upcoming features, and future plans.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: August 23, 2022 | 20:30 (UTC+7)
  • Host: Ms. Anne Mun
  • Speaker: Mr. Rofiq, Business Development, FreeCity
  • Rewards: $200 for 10 selected community questions

Session Highlights:

  1. Project Introduction:

    • FreeCity, the first metaverse project, combines NFT and SocialFi for immersive Web 3.0 based voice rooms and personalized 3D avatars.
    • Speaker Rofiq, with prior experience at Huobi Global, emphasized FreeCity’s focus on transforming social interactions to a Web3 token-based city.
  2. AMA Format:

    • The AMA comprised three parts: introductions, pre-selected questions from the team, and live community questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Global Expansion: FreeCity’s main fan base is currently in Southeast Asia, with plans to expand globally.
  • Earning Opportunities in FreeCity:
    • Chat-To-Earn concept using microphone NFTs.
    • Ownership and rental of virtual land plots.
    • Earning potential from FreeCity’s token.
  • NFTs in FreeCity: Multiple NFT types, including the Violent Squirrel and upcoming microphone and land NFTs.
  • Upcoming Beta Launch: Scheduled for September 2022.
  • Long-term Community Benefits: Commitment to a sustainable metaverse ecology, boosting user engagement and enjoyment.
  • Upcoming Events: Including a special event in Bali.

Community Questions and Answers:

  • Rofiq addressed 10 live community questions, covering topics from token listing plans to the platform’s global accessibility and the unique Chat-To-Earn model.

The AMA session with was a significant opportunity for FreeCity to share its vision and upcoming developments. The event highlighted FreeCity’s commitment to creating a dynamic and sustainable metaverse environment, emphasizing user engagement and financial opportunities.

Stay tuned for FreeCity’s Beta launch and upcoming developments. Join the community, participate in future events, and be a part of this exciting journey in the metaverse.