FreeCity Joins Forces with Horizon Media China: A Strategic Leap Forward

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Partners

FreeCity Joins Forces with Horizon Media China: A Strategic Leap Forward

Introduction: As FreeCity embarks on its journey, we’re thrilled to share one of our most groundbreaking updates yet. We have formed a strategic partnership with Horizon Media China, a leading digital marketing agency and MCN in China. This collaboration is set to bring significant advantages to both our companies and our communities.

About Horizon Media China: Horizon Media China stands as a digital marketing pioneer, connecting China with the global market. Their expertise includes:

  • Specializing in creating authentic business relationships that span across global borders.
  • Implementing strategic Nano targeting and research-driven marketing campaigns.
  • Expertise in back-end web design and development.
  • Streamlining digital marketing platforms for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhancing user engagement and boosting Return on Investment (ROI) for brands and influencers.

The Partnership: A Fusion of Expertise This collaboration between FreeCity and Horizon Media China is not just a partnership; it’s a synergy of strengths:

  • Global Market Reach: Leveraging Horizon Media China’s expertise to expand FreeCity’s reach into new markets, particularly in China.
  • Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategies: Utilizing Horizon Media China’s knowledge in Nano targeting and user engagement to elevate FreeCity’s marketing campaigns.
  • Technological Collaboration: Working together to streamline digital platforms, enhancing the overall user experience for FreeCity users.

What This Means for Our Users:

  • Wider Reach and Engagement: Users can expect FreeCity’s services to expand, reaching a broader, more diverse audience.
  • Innovative Features: Enhanced features and functionalities on FreeCity, resulting from the collaboration’s technological advancements.
  • Increased Community Interaction: More dynamic and engaging community activities within FreeCity, powered by strategic marketing insights.

Looking Forward: This strategic partnership marks a new chapter for FreeCity, as we join hands with Horizon Media China to navigate the digital landscape with enhanced capabilities and a broader reach.

The collaboration between FreeCity and Horizon Media China symbolizes a strategic leap forward, blending innovative digital marketing strategies with cutting-edge social networking technology. We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership holds and look forward to sharing these advancements with our community.

Stay tuned for the exciting developments from this partnership and join us in embracing the new opportunities that FreeCity and Horizon Media China will bring to the digital world!